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Services for translators

  1. Getting translation and publishing permissions from foreign and Arab publishers; heeding intellectual property rights. The duration for getting the permission varies in line with the information presented by the Centre. If there is a previous cooperation with the center, it will take a week at most. The sums of money paid for publishers to get permissions range from 500$ (1880SAR) and 2000$ (7500 SAR). There are cases when permissions are given for free.

  2. Encouraging staff members to translate books, references and researches.

  3. Encouraging and supporting the Arabization movement.

  4. Preparing a time schedule to translate and arabize set books, resource and references.

  5. Helping translators by presenting consultations and supportive guidelines.

  6. Revising translations and ensuring its scientific and linguistic quality

  7. Refereeing the translated work; to achieve precision in translation and recommending to publish it after being checked for eligibility

Steps for presenting and pursuing translation projects

Set Books

  1. The translator applies to the head of his department and provides:

  1. The title of the book suggested for translation, its author, edition number, publisher and date of publication

  2. The title and  code of the course for which the book is to be translated

  1. The application is discussed by the department and college councils

  2. The decisions of the department and college councils are presented to the Translation Center ; King Saud University, to make the procedures necessary for getting the translation and publication rights from the publisher

  3.  If the department and college councils decide that the book suggested  for translation is  suitable and needed, they suggest referees for the translation after its completion

All Books

  1. Applications for translation projects are presented for the Translation Center

  2. The Translation Center  Board studies it in the light of its importance, novelty and need

  3. After being accepted, the Center notifies its translator and contacts the publisher to get permission and get the latest edition of the original book. The translator pays for the fees before signing his contract.

  4.  Having got permission from the publisher, a contract is signed between the Center and the translator specifying time limit and regulations to be sought

  5. The Center signs a contract with the publisher

  6. After translation and revision, the translator provides the Center (refereeing committee) with a copy of the translation and a copy of the original book to be checked for eligibility. After being accepted, two more copies of the translation and the original are provided.

  7. The book is also checked by the Quality Committee at the Center and it might be sent back to the translator for corrections and modifications.

  8. The book is sent to two referees to decide eligibility for publication. In case one recommends not publishing it, it is sent to a third referee.

  9.   After being convinced by the eligibility of the  book, the Translation Center Board recommends it to the Scientific Council; King Saud University, which decides on the financial rewards for the translator and audits, and decides to publish it via King Saud University Press.


On the basis of the unified bylaw of scientific research in universities issued by the decision of the council of higher education (number 2/10/1419) issued in its tenth session in 6/2/1419 AH with the consent of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques; chairman of the council of higher education, in the royal telegram number 7/b/4430 in 2/4/1419 AH

Article (21): Scientific publishing in the university includes

  1. Theses

  2. Research papers

  3. Set Books

  4. Translated Books (References, set books, etc.)

  5. Critical Editions/Codicology work

  6. Encyclopedia and dictionaries

  7. Any published work the scientific council finds in concordance with the objectives of the university

Translation and refereeing rewards

Article 29

Authors, codicologists / critical editors and translators receive an award estimated by the scientific council according to the topic, scientific value and effort exerted in the book on condition that it does not exceed 50000 SAR

Article 30

Rewards for authorship or translation of encyclopedias and encyclopedic books are decided in accordance with the plan and procedures of the scientific council on condition that it does not exceed 50000 SAR per volume

Article 31

A reward that doesn't exceed 2000 SAR per book is granted for whoever is assigned to examine and referee authored, critically edited, or translated books; whether inside or outside the university

Article 34

The owner of the presented work is responsible for proofreading and preparing all the complete appendices. Later, he is to be granted 100 copies of the work published by the university

Article 35

In the  case of translated books, the following specifications should be abided by

  1. The translated work should have a tangible scientific and practical feasibility;

  2.  The translated work should get refereed by one or more referees;

  3. The translator as well as the referee should totally master the source and target languages; an

  4. The translator should abide by the suggested notes and modifications of the referee(s); and

  5. Copy rights should be attained from the publisher of the original text before translation.

Article 36

 The award granted for the author, critical editor, or translation for publishing is considered as a wavering of his rights in the work for five years from the date of the scientific council's approval to be published