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Urged by the need to enrich translation movement, control its rhythm, and motivate faculty members to translate, the Translation Center arranged many activities during the past few years. This happened to achieve the following objectives:

  1.  Providing the required services for faculty members who are interested in translation;
  2. Holding useful courses, seminars and workshops for translators;
  3. Holding recurrent meetings with  faculty members who are interested in translation; and
  4. Doing Arabization and translation research.

Therefore, the Translation Center held the following activities:

  1. The briefing session & Workshop (1438/1439 A.H.)

On the 4th. Of Safar 1439 A.H, the Translation Center organized an activity that represented a paradigm shift and focal point in its orientation, objectives and performance. The activity mainly targeted three topics:

  1. Familiarize university faculty members (particularly the newest ones and those who are back home after scholarships) with the center's services;
  2. Acquaint the participants with the experiences of winners of translation awards; and
  3.  Benefitting from the participants' opinions to develop the performance of the center as well as putting forth new horizons that contribute to the improvement and amelioration of the services provided by the Center.

In the first session, the Center provided all the participants with information about the Center, its achievements, and its services, steps for translating books, criteria for accepting application, and translation and refereeing criteria.

The second session included the experiences of three winners of three different translation awards. They talked about their feelings when they won the award and during the translation process. They also talked about the importance of translation and Arabization. Moreover, they discussed the obstacles they confronted and advised participants to give due care to choosing a book to be translated and also advised to be patient in order to succeed.

The organizers wrapped up the activity with a three-pivot workshop that examined:

  1. Reasons for lack of interest in translation;
  2. Problems translators have with the Center; and
  3. Agreeing on a definition for "frailty" and "lack of fluency and unreadability" of translation.