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The Translation Center is an andependent entity that belongs to Vice Rectorate for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. It was founded on 27th. January 1988 A.D. It is directed by a KSU professor with the help of a board of 9 KSU professors of different specializations who have a deep interest in translation.

Translation is definitely one of the most important civilizational reseources in human history. Through it, we can transfer research, inventions and discoveries from one nation to another; from one culture to another; and from one language to another. All through the flourishing Islamic Eras, translation and Arabization played an important role in the Islamic civilization without badly affecting its originality. Nowadays, taking into consideration the marvellous developments of the 20th. centure, translation is one of the most important issues that deserve due car. It should be used to seekuseful and beneficial selection of modern science and culture. It should meet the needs of our country and shouldn't contradict our beliefs.

The Translation Center is one of the most distinguished landmarks of KSU. It was established to help KSU staff members transfer knowledge and sciences from and into foreign languages -- specially English. The university has provided all the needed facilities to facilitate the increase of translation and, hence, pick out the best of others' products to enrich the Arabian and Islamic cultures. Therefore, the center cooperates with a lot of scientific organizations and centers inside and outside Saudi Arabia to gather and unify all the efforts of translation and Arabization. These organizations include, Arabic language Academies, The Arab league, Cultural and Scientific Organization and all the institutions unions and organizations of translation.