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How to Apply for Translating a Book

  1. You apply electronically to the Translation Center
  2. The Translation Center Board studies the applications in the light of their importance and novelty and the need of the library.
  3. After the project is approved the translator(s) is notified. Then, the Center contacts the foreign publisher for permission and for the latest edition of the book to be translated.
  • The duration for getting the permission varies in line with the information presented by the Centre. If there is a previous cooperation with the center, it will take a week at most.
  • The sums of money paid for publishers to get permissions range from 500$ (1880SAR) and 2000$ (7500 SAR). There are cases when permissions are given for free.
  1. After getting the permission of the publisher, a contract is signed between the Center and the translator(s). Then, the Center signs a contract with the publisher of the original book.

Procedures after Translating the Book

  1. After translating and editing the book, the translator delivers the project to the Center in order to referee it and decide whether the translation is eligible for publication or not. While preparing the layout of the book, we hope that the conditions of King Saud University Press are abided by. We also hope it is checked by an Arabic language auditor. Then, one copy of the original book, one hard copy of the translation and one sot copy of the translation are to be delivered to the Center. After the quality and refereeing committees approve the project, two more hard copies of the translation and two more hard copies of the original book are to be delivered.
  2. The translation project is sent to 2 referees to check its eligibility for publication. In case one of them disapproves, it is sent to the third.

In its meeting on Tuesday 24/5/1438 AH the 21st. of February 2017, the Translation Center Board decided that the translated book should get at least 75% as a refereeing mark to be presented to the Scientific Council.

  1. After the Board gets confident about the eligibility of the translation for publishing, a recommendation is presented to the Scientific Council. Then, awards are decided for the translator(s), and auditors and the translation is published by King Saud University Press.

(For set books, the translator(s) must deliver the decisions of the department and college councils stating that the book is assigned as asset book for one of the courses)

Benefits for the Translator

  1. The translator is granted a reward of not less than 16000SAR and not more than 50000; depending on the importance, type and volume of the book.

On the basis of article (29) of the unified bylaw of scientific research in the KSA that decided the maximum limit of rewards.

  1. The translated work via the Center is included as one of the requirements for promotion as decided in the regulations.
  2. The translator’s résumé and name appear on the book
  3. The translator is granted 100 copies of the published translation for free