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In a meeting dated 24/5/1438 AH; the 21st. of February 2017 AD, the Translation Council Board approved/ratified the following criteria for accepting applications for translating books

For Books

  1. To have public utility;
  2. To be translated for the first time;
  3. The pages should not be less than 60, or more than 700;
  4. To be recently published (within 5 years). The center has the right to exclude valuable books from abiding to this rule;
  5. In case of having more than one edition, only the most recent one is to be approved;
  6. The content of the book mustn't have a conflict with religious, social and political constants of the kingdom;
  7. The book is not to abuse neither the Islamic religion nor the Arabic language; whether directly or indirectly;
  8. The book mustn't include shocking texts or photos that contradict traditions or ethics;
  9. In case of atlases, photos mustn't exceed one third of the book's volume;
  10. In case of scientific, engineering and computer books, the amount of equations, mathematical formula and computer programming shouldn't exceed 50% of the book;
  11. In the case of medical books, only awareness and informative books are to be chosen.


For Translators

  1. The leading translator should be a member of the university staff;
  2. The leading translator mustn't be less than an assistant professor (or the equivalent in medical facilities);
  3. Translators should get involved in one work at a time; and
  4. Translators should master the target as well as source languages.