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1- To encourage university staff to translate books in their field of study.

2- To encourage and support the movement of translation and Arabization, and to provide scientific terminologies and dictionaries and to keep working on unifying and spreading them.

3- To prepare a schedule to translate and Arabize under-graduate and post-graduate set books, resources and references.

4- To translate distinguished scientific periodicals, or at least, the most important research papers in them.

5- To translate (back into Arabic) the scientific heritage that is translated in foareign languages, and whose Arabic original versions no longer exist.

6- To translate the laws, rules, regulations and agreements of the university from and into Arabic.

7- To attract experts of relevance to the field of translation and Arabization, and to provide proper training for people interested in translation.

8- To benefit from applying computer systems in translation and providing date and terminology bases.

9- To provide specialized training courses in translation.

10- To publish translated papers of university staff members.

11- To organize lectures, seminars and forums on translation and invite researchers to take part in them.